Friday, March 13, 2015

Sew mama sew - six weeks of softies!

Six weeks of softies

Check the sew mama sew blog for Six weeks of softies.

For six weeks it is al about softies!
Tips, free patterns and a very awesome softie sewing contest.

You can even win a sewing machine!!

There are great free sewing patterns.

I have written 10 tips for sewing softies for sew mama sew.
You can find that here:

sewing softies contest

sewing softies contest
Free elephant pattern  from funky friends factory

10 sewing tips by Mariska Vos-Bolman

Sunday, March 8, 2015

Stuffed Cow pattern

Cow's are one of my favourite animals.
I think they are very cute. So I just had to make a stuffed cow pattern!

On the photo's below you can see a cow made from cotton and a cow made from fleece.
The fleece cow is much rounder then the cotton one, because fleece stretches a bit.

Make your own super adorable plush cow with my step by step easy to follow sewing pattern!

Here you can buy the cow pattern:

- Stuffed animal pattern  ETSY
- plush toy patterns on DAWANDA

stuffed animal cow pattern

cow plush pattern

cow softie pattern

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

fox softie sewing pattern - plush diy

I made a new plush pattern, this time a stuffed fox!

My name Vos is dutch for Fox, so it was about time I made one :)

Available in English, Dutch and German.

I used cotton for the body and felt for the eyes, fleece for the nose. Other fabrics will work to!

It is available here:

- Stuffed animals patterns  ETSY
- plush toy patterns on DAWANDA

Check my facebook to see photo's of foxes made by others with this pattern:

fox softie pattern

fox diy softie

fox soft toy pattern

Friday, November 21, 2014

Easy sewing patterns

If you don't have much time to make christmas presents, but still want to create some cute toys for your kids, then these patterns are perfect for you!

The patterns are pdf patterns, which you can download and print to start right away!
The pattern are 100% no resizing needed!

You could make all these toys in one day!

Happy sewing!

Tumsy the bunny easy sewing pattern pdf:

easy plush toy sewing pattern

Zumba the monster easy toy sewing pattern pdf:

 Poloko the chicken easy sewing pattern:

Bruno the dog easy softie sewing pattern:

Bunnies plush toy sewing pattern pdf:

Orrico the orange softie easy sewing pattern pdf:  

food sewing pattern

Monday, August 25, 2014

review kyuuto japanese crafts

During my kids summer holiday I started crocheting again.

My sons picked out a very cute dog pattern from the book: Kyuuto! Japanese crafts Amigurumi. A very cute crochet book with lots of cute amigurumi's!

It was a shame that there was a mistake in the book. The arm pattern wasn't correct.
But luckily I knew how to fix it. Just made the arms longer then the pattern in the book untill they looked like the photo.

It is still a very cute amigurumi book, I can recommend it.
The patterns are very easy to follow.

My sons picked out the colors for the dogs. The brown one is for my oldest son (5) and the very colorful one is for the youngest (3)

Friday, August 1, 2014

Sew Cute to Cuddle blog hop


To celebrate the launch of my new book, Sew cute to cuddle, there will be a blog hop!
Sew cute to cuddle is my new pattern book. It will have 12 cute and fun soft toy designs and easy to follow tutorials.
Every step is illustrated, to help you create your own fun plushie!

In this blog hop several great blogs will be taking a look at the book and they will give you a review of the book and some even have giveaways!
So check out these amazing blogs and enjoy the reviews of Sew cute to cuddle.

You can allready preorder Sew cute to cuddle in your bookstore.
If you preorder it a the Stitch Craft Create website you will get the ebook for free and you can start right away! 

These lovely blogs are participating in the Sew Cute to Cuddle blog hop:


Fri 1st – Mariska Vos-Bolman
Sat 2nd – Messy Jesse
Wed 6th – Boolah Baguette
Fri 8th – Ordinary Lovely
Fri 15th A Spoonful of Sugar
Tue 19th SCC
Wed 20th Emma Lamb
TBC – Sewing Is for Girls