Monday, January 25, 2016

Whale amigurumi crochet pattern

Last year I started with creating Crochet Amigurumi Patterns from my Sewing Pattern designs.

This is so much fun to do.

What I like about crochet is that you can do it everywhere! A crochet hook is very small and fits in a small bag with same cotton yarn. I bring my crochet work everywhere. You never know when you have a moment to crochet!

I also made a crochet pattern of my most populair sewing pattern, the whale.

Here is a photo of him, what do you think of this crocheted version?

If you want to make one yourself, you can buy the pattern here:


whale crochet pattern

whale amigurumi

Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Boris the cat crochet pattern

A few years ago I sewed a funny looking cat named Boris.
I decided to make a amigurumi crochet pattern of him to. I used a very furry yarn to get the same furry cat. The yarn is named Schachemayer Brazilia.  
It is quite a challenge to crochet with this yarn, but the result is so much fun!

What do you think of the crocheted version?

You can get the crochet pattern of Boris the cat here:


cat amigurumi pattern

cat crochet amigurumi pattern

Friday, December 18, 2015

Raccoon sewing pattern

There is a new DIY Fluffies sewing pattern available.

I designed this raccoon while drawing with my kids. A lot of my plush designs have been made this way. Sometimes one of my sons says "Mom are you drawing plush toys again?!"
He prefers dinosaurs and sharks :)

What do you think of my raccoon sewing pattern?

You can get the pattern here:
DIY Fluffies Etsy shop 
Dawanda shop

raccoon sewing pattern

Raccoon plush pattrn

raccoon softie pattern

Friday, December 11, 2015

DIY Fluffies crochet patterns

Crochet is one of my favorite crafts. So I decided to make crochet patterns from my sewing patterns!
I started with my love and star elephant and I'm making many more.

It is so much fun to do!

Creating a crochet pattern takes a lot of time, just like creating sewing patterns.
Here you can see that I made six heads of my rhino before I was happy with the shape of its head.

creating a amigurumi pattern
Foto from instagram
This is the final result:

rhino amigurumi pattern

Love and Star elephant amigurumi pattern:

elephant amigurumi

You can find my pattern in my etsy or raverly shop:

Saturday, November 28, 2015

Craft Daily - Sew a hippo or monkey video

Would you like to see how to sew a cute hippo or monkey from my book Sew Cute to Cuddle?
Go to the Craft Daily website and watch my video!

Get 20% off Craft Daily off untill dec 2015  video's with Discountcode: BLOGLOVE

Sew Cute to Cuddle

Thursday, November 12, 2015

Free christmas ornament sewing pattern - Elephant

A free sewing pattern on my website! I created this elephant a while ago, but I updated my website so it was gone for a long time. Now it is available again!

Enjoy sewing this cute elephant!

christmas elephant sewing

christmas sewing patterns free

Friday, October 30, 2015

Etsy visits DIY Fluffies

Last week I had a visit from Etsy! They had a bunch of questions about my work.
I have been an etsy member for 8 years now, but I would never had expected to have a visit from so many people from etsy. Even the CEO of Etsy Chad Dickerson was there!

This group of etsy admin were in Amsterdam to visit the Etsy Team Captains conference.

It was a great visit and we talked about my shop. I told them why I decided to open an etsy shop and about my daily routine. I have an etsy shop since 2008, lots of changes were made to etsy since that time. What I like about etsy that it is so easy to use and it is great way to sell worldwide.

I have told them about my future plans, which is adding crochet patterns to my pattern shop and creating more patterns!

We talked about many more etsy related things, it was a wonderful and interesting visit.

Here is a photo of the etsy team that visited and my neighbour Natasja, she was so kind to help me.
(She has an etsy shop as well and makes wonderful dolls).

We are staying at my mother's in law house for a little while. So the visit was not at our house but at her house.