Saturday, September 17, 2016

How to applique tutorial and free heart applique pattern

How To Appliqué

heart applique pattern

Applique is a great way to make your plushie look very proffesional! 
Use it for eyes, mouth and other parts. It is not hard to do, you can use any sewing machine! No embroidery machine needed!
You need: a sewing machine, thread, fabric and fusible webbing.

This is how you do it:

Iron the fusible webbing onto the wrong side of your appliqué fabric and allow to cool. Pull off the protective layer from the fusible webbing and draw around your pattern piece onto the fusible-web backed fabric. Cut out the marked shape without seam allowance. Now place the fabric piece, fusible-web side down onto, the right side of the fabric it is to be appliquéd to and iron in place (E).

applique how to sewing machine

2. Iron you application on the fabric and let it cool. You can sew the figure on the fabric with a normal stitch or a Zigzag stitch. If you use a very narrow Zigzag stitch it will give a embroidery effect.  Try the stitches first on a small piece of test fabric. If you don't have a sewing machine then you could use a blanket stitch to sew the applique on by hand.

Give your plushie a proffesional look with this technique. You can find the owl and frog pattern on the frog has been made with minky fabric. You can use this technique on every
DIY Fluffies pattern.

free heart applique design

Friday, September 9, 2016

Bird crochet pattern

After making a bird sewing pattern I decided to create a crochet pattern from this bird.
This is an easy project, great for beginners that want to create an bird amigurumi.

If you want to make one yourself, you can buy the pattern here:

bird amigurumi

bird crochet

bird amigurumi crochet