Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Owl sewing pattern

You can find Owls everywhere these days. They inspired me to make this cute owl pattern.
With lots of hearts on it! On the pattern are also drops instead of hearts. Not everyone likes hearts :)
Or you can make two, one for your daughter and one for your son.

I enjoyed making them very much! I'm going to make another one soon. The size is a great pillow size and looks great on my couch.

Now I need to clean up my work room, which is always a complete mess after I finished a new pattern. Well after the weekend :)

You can get the pattern here:
Owl pattern on etsy
Owl sewing pattern on dawanda 

Owl sewing pattern


Here is my son checking out my work.

Sunday, November 13, 2011

How to make Elmo or Cookie monster cupcakes / muffins Tutorial.

A few weeks ago I found this photo of a cookie monster cupcake and I just had to make them for my son's birthday. There was a video tutorial on this website and they turned out great! But I noticed that the video wasn't very detailed and a lot of trial and error was needed. So I decided to make a tutorial with elmo cupcakes. Not much different from cookie monster, which I will explain to.
Sorry for the bad pics, they were taken in the evening.

Ok here we go!

-12 small cupcakes
-125 gr butter
-250 powdered sugar
-marzipan white, black and orange (elmo)
-food coloring: red for elmo, blue for cookiemonster
-small cookies for cookie monster

Step 1. Buy some ready made cupcakes or make some.

Step 2. Stir the butter to make it smooth and fluffy. Add the powdered sugar and food coloring and stir it. Add food coloring untill you have the right color. (google Elmo or Cookie Monster) Now you have made buttercream icing.

Step 3. Take a spoon of coconut and add food coloring and mix it, you probably notice it very hard to mix it to a nice plain color. The secret to that is adding just a bit of water and mix with a spoon again. Now add another spoon of coconut and small bits of water and foodcoloring untill you have a cup full.

Step 4. Put lots of buttercream icing over the cupcakes and dip them in the cocos.

Step 5. Makes eyes and noses from marzipan.

Step 6. Put the eyes and nose onto the coconut, if it doesn't stay well use a bit of the buttercream icing that you made to stick it on.
They looked much better in real life :)

Step 7. If you are making cookiemonster then cut a mouth into the cupcake and put half a cookie into it!

Now you are done!