Monday, August 31, 2009

Mrs Penguin birthday - photo story

Dawanda is having a photo story competition, this is my entry!
All plush from the story are available at dawanda, plush or as soft toy kits.

Mr. penguin wakes up in the morning.

"I'll check my calender to see if I have anything important to do today", he thinks to himself. "OH NO! It's mrs. Penguins birthday, And I totally forgot to get her a present!"

He brushes his beak as he tries to come up with a good gift. "I'll give her a polar bear plush! uhm... no no no, that's not a good idea. Maybe she'll like a nice frozen fish. Nah, we had one yesterday. Maybe I'll just have to go look around for a good idea".

He walks around the neigborhood thinking what present to get Mrs. Penguin. He spots a cute kitty taking nap. "Maybe this kitty can help me think of a good present."

"HEY KITTY, wake UP!" he yells. But all the kitty does is snore louder.

"WOOF!" Mr. Penguin looks up and sees a big dog peering at them. "I will wake him up for you!" he barks. "WOOF, WOOF!"

Kitty wakes up with a start and jumps from the chair. "WOOF! I'll catch him!" the dog barks.

"I don't have time to wait for that," mr. Penguin thinks. "I'll go look somewhere else".

Mr. Penguin sees a nice ball. "Hey, that's a nice ball. Maybe I can give her that as a present, I think she will like that!".

"MOO, Get away! Those are my balls!" Mr. Penguin stares into the angry eyes of a very unhappy bull. "Maybe I'll find a gift in the garden", as he leaves the mad bull behind.

Mr. Penguin sees some pretty flowers in the garden. "THAT'S IT! She will love those. They are the perfect gift for mrs. Penguin."

"How beautiful" mr. Penguin says to himself as he smells the pretty flower.

He sneaks back into the bed with the flower. mrs. Penguin opens her eyes and yawns. "Good morning, mrs. Penguin. Happy birthday!"

"Ooh! What a pretty flower! You are so sweet!" she says and gives him a kiss.


in-ah said...

sooo cute!
totally amazing mariska,
you have my vote for sure :)

best wishes from London!

Pili said...

Oh my!! This is so ABSOLUTELY cute!! You got my vote too!!

Alejandra said...

It's so cute Mariska!!! :D I hope you win!! I hope my RT helps even a little!

Marian said...

This is so cute! I love that penguin!!!! And the bull is awesome!
Love your work. Very talented!


Torie Jayne said...

Wow! such cute softies and fab story, You have my vote too! Have a sweet weekend x

Duni said...

OMG - your plushies are SO CUTE!
I love that little penguin :)

Nice to meet someone from Dawanda!
I'll vote for you...

take care,


Karin said...

I love Mr Penguin! He is adorable! :)

ColourLab said...

Your story is really cute but your toys are amazing!!! You do an excelletn job!!! Thank you also very much for following my little blog of cuteness!!! Hope you win the competition!!!!

Fluffels said...

Thank you all, so nice to know that you like the penguin story!

tres puntos said...

hello Im from mexico y the I love your Penguin history

I invite you to my

Duchess of Tea said...

Darling you have my vote on this and on your blog. I am now a proud follower.


Mamasakio said...